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All of the games uploaded on this site have been released on many cd-roms by various PD/Shareware companies over the last few years. If a programmer or software company of any game for whatever reason wishes a specific game(s) to be removed from this site, then please email the name(s) of the game(s) you want removed to the webmaster of the commodorezone. The game(s) will be removed from the site within 48 hours of receipt of the email. As webmaster of this site I will also email all relevant 64 newsgroups and main 64 game sites informing them that this particular game must be withdrawn from their site also. This site provides a useful and convenient archive of 64 games and information for the 64 community it is in no way the intention of this site to contravene anyone's copyright. 64 sites only exist for one reason - to give a life support to the 64 computer and to help users who still wish to use their 64 machine, that is their sole purpose.


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