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Welcome to Commodore Zone!

The CZ site is dedicated to the Commodore 64 computer. Its purpose is to provide you with the best 64 emulators and games available. CZ is updated on a monthly basis. The following information is to help you navigate the CZ site and check out all the available pages of information and games. Thanks for visiting CZ and we hope you find it useful.

Navigating the Site

Finding your way around CZ is easy - the buttons in the frameset below contain links to all the major areas of the CZ site. Clicking on the Tape button for example will take you to the 64 tape games page.

The following areas are available at Commodore Zone:

TAP Zone - a selection of games stored in original 64 tape format using the CCS 64 TAP file format - these games load in exactly the same way as on a real 64! So you have to wait 5 minutes for some games load! One of the biggest selections of TAP's available on the Internet. Infact some of the TAP's are not available anywhere else on the Internet!
Collection - a page containing collection packs with a mini review of each, including classics from Taskset and Ultimate.
Disk - pages containing 64 disk games with a disk review area for some games, including classics like the Last Ninja and Karateka.
Tape - pages containing 64 tape games, some games date back to 1982.
Demos - a collection of demos compiled by Commodore Forever, including a collection of compunet classics.
Adventures - a page containing adventures with a mini review for each game, including classics like Castle of Terror and Mystery of Munroe Manor.
R.P.G - a page containing a list of R.P.G games, most of which are available for download. If you have a R.P.G game that is listed but isn't available for download then please email it to The RPG list was compiled by Bionic Grasshopper.
Emulators - Download all the latest 64 emulators, includes a mini review of each and ratings.
Archive - A selection of downloadable games listed in alphabetical order, some games listed are extremely rare and not available anywhere else on the internet. One of the most popular and expanding areas of the site.
C64 Games Database - A comprehensive database that contains games listed on other 64 sites on the internet. Uses a very friendly interface.
A.P.B - The All Points Bulletin page - setup to keep track of requested games that still can’t be found. If you find a game on the APB list then email it to Also contains links to the Request a Game page and Request Board.
64 links - a page full of 64 links to some of the best 64 sites on the internet.
Amiga - a page dedicated to the Commodore Amiga, some of the best links to amiga emulator and game sites on the internet. All the latest amiga emulators are available for download.
News - any major updates to the site or general news will be posted on this page.
F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions page - contains information about loading games through the CCS emulator and how to copy 64 games to emulator format using the 1541 disk drive.
Help - documentation and adventure solutions for 64 games.
Discussion - Have something to say about the 64 or CZ? Use the discussion board to post a message!
Email Update - Use this page to submit an email request to Commodore Zone to ensure you are informed via email of any or specific updates made to CZ.
Site Guide - what your reading now!

Problems accessing the site

If you experience the dreaded "error 404 can’t find page" error, or you can’t access a page e.g. the server stops responding or appears to of crashed or any other error message is encountered then please email and we will investigate the problem as soon as we can.

Contributing to Commodore Zone

Here at CZ we are really interested in your views of the CZ site and if you feel you can contribute something to make it better then we want to know. For example, if you read a review of a game that you disagree with then why not email us your own mini review and we will consider replacing ours with yours. If you find a game that is listed on the APB list then please email and the game will then be uploaded with the next site update. If a game is requested on the Request Board, it's ok to email the game to the person who requested it, but why not email CZ instead, then everyone will be able to download the game. We have an upload directory that selected users can access to download / upload games via FTP. This will be used for INCOMING games and eventually they will be added to the Archive. If you would like to access this directory then please email

Linking to Commodore Zone

If you would like to link to CZ then please download the CZ logo below and hyperlink the logo to

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Contacting Commodore Zone

You can contact CZ easily by using the relevant email address for your enquiry: - any general questions concerning the site. - to submit a game for addition to the archive. - to send an RPG game to be added to the RPG page. - to send a game in TAP format to be added to the TAP page. - for any problems you encounter accessing the site/pages.

Commodore Zone Recommendations

There is a number of 64 sites on the net, infact new ones are appearing every month or so. Some 64 sites can be poor in content and presentation, others are slickly put together and the content is excellent.  At CZ we don't believe in competing head-on with every 64 site, it just isn't possible, not only that but there will always be advantages and disadvantages between one site or another. We do believe in providing the best content possible and we feel we have achieved this, we don't see other sites as competition, and we hope they don't see us as competition either, just that we are all providing a service to 64 users worldwide to ensure that the platform is remembered in the best way possible. There are a number of 64 sites though that have been the inspiration for many 64 sites including CZ and we would like to recommend those sites: Laner's Electric Mayhem is an excellent site and should be bookmarked by every 64 user, it has the original most wanted games list and has many requested games online. Martin Pugh's C64 Page is another excellent site. Martin has put a lot of work into providing a comprehensive index of 64 games on the net and should definitely be bookmarked by every 64 user.

Commodore Zone History

Commodore Zone first appeared online as Stringfellowhawke’s Commodore Page in the UK in 1996 at the service provider ClaraNET as a 5 megabyte site. It moved to Geocities in the USA in 1997 and the site expanded to 10 megabytes, the name also changed to Commodore World. After a few months we received an email from the USA publisher of the magazine Commodore World that the name of our site was the same as their magazine and would we consider changing it. Which we did, the site was shut down for about a month and returned as Commodore Zone at 9 Net Avenue in the USA and Commodore Zone at NetDirect in the UK (the UK site was closed down on 1 October 1998). Another USA mirror site went online a few months later at WIPC and the site expanded considerably. The 9 Net Avenue site and the WIPC site has now been closed down. Commodore Zone has now moved to two, new, bigger and faster USA servers. Overall, Commodore Zone has had over one hundred and fifty thousand visitors since it first appeared. Commodore Zone does not rely on any sponsership of any kind and the only advertising we support is through the link exchange program. Commodore Zone is a non-profit site and privately funded by the UK webmaster.


Some of the games on the Commodore Zone site are still copyrighted by their respective authors or software company, technically you should not download a game from Commodore Zone unless you have purchased the game in the past or present. The legal situation with retro gaming sites is a grey area. We have received emails from programmers of games that were made in 1984 and are only too happy that their old games are being promoted and used by emulator users today. They can’t make any money out of the games any more as they are to old. A major 8-bit software company years ago put out a press statement to the effect that they couldn’t careless about the distribution of old games released by them as they are no longer profitable.
All of the games uploaded on this site have been released on many cd-roms by various PD/Shareware companies over the last few years. If a programmer or software company of any game for whatever reason wishes a specific game to be removed from this site, then please email the webmaster at The game will be removed from the site within 24 hours of receipt of the email. As webmaster of this site I will also email all relevant 64 newsgroups and main 64 game sites informing them that this particular game must be withdrawn from their site also. This site provides a useful and convenient archive of 64 games and information for the 64 community it is in no way the intention of this site to contravene anyone's copyright. 64 sites only exist for one reason - to give a life support to the 64 computer and to help users who still wish to use their 64 machine, that is their sole purpose.