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One of the all time classic 64 disk games, based around medieval England, featuring Robin Hood.

This was actually a conversion from the original Amiga game. Amazingly this version is even better than the Amiga - because the gameplay has been improved and some of the awful bugs that spoilt the Amiga version have been fixed.

Graphically its superb, the animation on the knights when fighting in the Castle, the scenery, the knocking down of the Castle walls, is quite breathtaking for a 64. The music is also a wonderful conversion of the original Amiga score and Richard Joseph the guy that did the music for Sacred Armour of Antiriad and many others has done a superb job.
This game was the sequel to the superb Way of the Exploding Fist, but unfortunately its not as good as the original, one of the problems is that its an arcade adventure, so their are puzzles to solve along the way, this is all very well, but what made the original so great, was its full-on arcade approach, whereas fist II becomes tedious and boring at times.

Graphically its good, the music is atmospheric and adds to the game.

It received a very harsh review in Zzap 64 which slated it! Surprising really, considering that Zzap 64 a few months before its review was singing its praises and had an exclusive interview with Melbourne House... Commodore User was more generous and gave it the thumbs up. Commodore User 1 - Zzap 0.

Also included is Fist II+ this is an improved version of the original Way of the Exploding Fist - very good.
This title has an interesting history, it was only released in the United States! Strange, considering that the game is brilliant! Its similar to Racing Destruction Set (below) which was released about the same time. This is a cracking game, one of the best 64 racers ever made, and yet most 64 users probably have never heard of it - thanks to Activision not releasing it in any other country!

Graphically its good and the sound effects aren't bad, the scrolling is excellent.
One word describes this game - AWESOME! There were some landmark games released for the 64, many of which showed the 64's superiority over every other 8 bit computer. This is one of them, you could say its an early version of a Tamagotchi!!

A little man who lives in your computer, he dances, eats, drinks, plays the piano, feeds his dog and plays records, and even plays a mean game of cards.

This really is an exceptional game in everyway, graphically brilliant -the animation on the main character is superb, the music (piano playing) must rate as some of the best 64 music ever - the rock 'n' roll piano music is just breathtaking!

Interestingly this game was later released on the Apple, Atari St and Amiga, all these versions paled into insignificance when compared to the 64 original. The 64's sound effects and music, which really helped to create the atmosphere for this game, were vastly superior to those machines.

Just run the Amiga version (which had an amazing sound chip) but listen to the quality of the piano playing, and then run the 64 version - you won't believe how superior the 64 sound is!! The programmer of this game, David Crane who also did Ghostbusters really went to town with this game!
When this game was released by System 3 it was the final insult to all other 8 bit machines - it showed how superior graphically and sonically the 64 could be when the right programmers were behind it. A landmark game that shook the 8-bit world!

Graphically its amazing - especially the animation on the main ninja character it was just so cool! The thumping Ben Daglish oriental musical score (surely his best ever soundtrack) drove the game forward, and gave the game atmosphere like no other! The scenery was great, and utilised a very fast screen drawing routine, which ensured the game played at a fast pace.

It could of been the best 64 game ever, but unfortunately it was let down by some very frustrating problems, like crossing the river... it was just so damn pixel perfect, that the slightest move the wrong way and you were sunk!

The sequel to one of the best 64 games ever - and what a sequel it is! Very few sequels are ever better than the original, but this one was!

Based in the city of New York, the scenery is impressive, the animation on the main character appeared to be even better than the original. The music was excellent it was done by Matt Gray and although there was no tune that could beat Ben Daglish's level 1 masterpiece from the original - it nevertheless had some great tunes.

The gameplay is better than the original - it doesn't have so many irritating pixel perfect jumps to make. One of the best 64 games ever made.
Could this be the best 64 platform game ever? What makes this game so good is not only its playability but the fact that you can design and save your own levels - creating your own platform game, its just such great fun!!

Some of the platform features are superb, the trampoline in particular is not only clever but it must be one of the best features ever put in a platform game. Simple but effective features like the way you can turn the sound effects off by jumping on a musical note, show the attention to detail in this game.

The graphics are good, the animation of the characters are above average and the animation of the trampoline is clever.
This is the best 64 racer ever, its great fun and the split screen two player mode is well implemented. You can choose different types of vehicles, landscapes (including a lunar surface!). You can even construct your own tracks. There are so many options in this game, you can spend ages just thinking of the best way of setting it up!

The fact that this game has destruction not construction in the title, is another bonus, you can arm your vehicles with land mines and oil slicks and watch your opponent suffer!

The in game graphics are a bit weak, the vehicles could of been done better, and the outside of the landscape made more interesting, but they do the job, and the game plays very well.
The sequel to the successful Summer Games, and its much better! The events are great, you've got Fencing, Kayaking, Javelin, Equestrian and loads more.

As with all Epyx games, the quality of their graphics and sound is legendary. This title is no exception the animation on the horse in the Equestrian event is just stunning! The musical scores throughout are composed well, and fit the game perfectly.

Playability is here by the bucket load, loads of players can take part, its probably one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games ever.
Yet another games series from Epyx, following on from the successful summer and winter games - this has some superb events, some people say that California Games (the last in the games series) was the best ever - but in my opinion I would put World Games just ahead of California Games, some of the events are just such great fun to play, the cliff diving was superb, the weightlifting amusing, the look on the characters face as you lift the weight!

Graphically amazing, the animation on the bullfighting event, cliff diving and weightlifting is just so good. The music could well be Epyx's finest hour, the cliff diving tune is super and the Bagpipe tune on the Caber Toss event has to be heard to be believed - Zzap 64 raved about this tune when it reviewed World Games, they couldn't believe the SID chip could produce it!!
One of the best karate games available on the 64. Also one of the first cinematic games, with a clever film-like introduction and storyline.

The graphics are superb, the animation on the main characters is extremely life like, the backdrops although sparse are scrolled smoothly throughout the game.

The gameplay is excellent, but it can be a bit slow due, don't be put off by this though its really worth perservering with.

The sound effects are average but do the job and the overall quality of the game is impressive.
creature.gif (5554 bytes) This was the first game released by the Rowland Brothers who worked for Thalamus software. Its one of the best modern 64 games ever released.

The slick presentation of the game, complete with a catchy intoduction tune, sets it apart from other 64 games. The in game graphics are impressive, with well animated sprites, well drawn backgrounds, and a great variety of enemies.

The levels are well designed and the gameplay is well balanced it doesn't get too hard too quickly.

A cracking game that set a standard that other modern 64 games found hard to match.

Check out the Creatures Home Page for more information.
mule.gif (2970 bytes) A strange but absorbing game that involves trading items and purchasing land.

The graphics are extremely primitive even for on old 64 game! But they are well suited to this type of game. The sound effects are weak and uninspired, but as this is strategy game their not really important.

The gameplay proves to be addictive and its this that makes the game so good.  If you're not a fan of strategy type games then steer clear, but if you are, then this is a classic that you must play.
mayhem.gif (7889 bytes) WOW! Possibly the best arcade game ever made for the 64 - a truly stunning achievement in technical terms. The graphics are astounding - super smooth scrolling, slick animated sprites and well drawn backgrounds.

It's essentially Sonic the Hedgehog on a 64, except its better! The gameplay is strong with well designed levels and suitable, atmospheric sound-tracks play throughout the game.

This is a game which set the highest possible standard for a 64 - and has never been beaten. A masterpiece that once again shows the 64 as the greatest 8-bit games computer ever made.
elite.gif (2717 bytes) One of the most highly acclaimed 8-bit games ever made. David Braben's first outing on the 64 is a conversion of his BBC Micro masterpiece Elite. Commodore 64 users though are treated to the best version of Elite ever to appear on an 8-bit computer. The 64's extra memory is utilised and makes the game better than ever.

The game is based around space, and involves visiting other planets and trading. It uses vector graphics throughout and they work really well.

The game constantly evolves so becomes very engrossing and addictive. Its a super piece of programming when you consider how much depth their is to the game. A game that should be in everyone's collection.
jumpman.gif (3925 bytes) This game is a really popular platform game and my only question is why? Its a frustrating game to play and I would certainly not regard it as a classic!

There are a few similarities between this game and Lode Runner, certainly in the style of graphics and the small main character, but their the similarity ends.

The graphics are basic but do suit the game well, and the sound is weak.

What really holds back this game is its frustrating game play,  its just too annoying. It is a highly overrated platform game.

infiltra.gif (7438 bytes) Chris Gray's masterpiece, one the best games he ever produced. It was highly rated by Zzap 64 and slated by Commodore User... The reason for the differing views is that although the game starts off very well,  it does slowly deteriorate and can become very boring and repetitive in places. The atmosphere the game generates though is excellent. This is very apparent when you are on a covert operation and need to get past the security guards, showing them false papers or gasing them.

The game features some great graphics, especially the Helicopter cockpit. The in-game external views of the enemy bases is good and realistic. The game suffers graphically when you enter a building the rooms all tend to look the same and this is where the game starts to go downhill, it just becomes to boring and frustrating. The sound effects are adequate and certainly add to the game.

Overall, this is an above average game, that Zapp 64 judged a little to highly, but its much better than Commodore User would have you believe...
cgames.gif (3741 bytes) The last in the Epyx game series, some say its the best but I still think that World Games is probably their finest hour. Still, this is certainly one of the better multi-player sport games for the 64. The events are varied, including Surfing and BMX racing!

The quality of the graphics as usual is superb, the animation on the main characters is impressive. The sound is good but no where near the World Games standard which was exceptional.

The game is fun to play and certainly addictive but Summer Games II was probably more fun to play. Its another Epyx classic but their previous efforts in my opinion were better.
loderunn.gif (2833 bytes) Broderbunds finest hour? Lode Runner is classic platform action, its simplicity in gameplay and graphics is what makes this game so good. It has some neat touches like being able to dig a hole, watch one of your enemies fall in it and walk over him! The first few levels of Lode Runner are quite easy and allow you to get into the game, but later levels are increasingly difficult and soons it gets just a bit too manic!

The graphics are basic but suit the game perfectly, the sound effects are weak, but adequate.

The gameplay is very addictive and compelling. This type of game is just another example of how good an 8-bit game can be and that you don't need stunning graphics or amazing sound to make a game. Gameplay is the only thing that's important and this game has it!

A collection pack of all the Lode Runner games is available from the collection page.
diskmth.gif (3741 bytes) An arcade adventure based in space on the Prometheus Space vessel. This game is stunning in terms of its cinematic look, it really is an epic, landmark game for the 64. The quality of presentation is beyond what most other 64 games have achieved.

The graphics are realistic with good backdrops and character animation. The sound is suitably eerie with appropriate spot effects.

Gameplay is great, atmospheric and quite addictive.
pirates.gif (3445 bytes) A classic 64 game that has appeared on other computers, including the Amiga CD32 as Pirates Gold!.

The game is an arcade adventure with strategy elements. You play the part of a young buccaneer with basic skills, which you can improve with experience as the game progresses.

The graphics are above average with some good pictures on the question screens. The arcade sequence when sword fighting has an adequate backdrop and the animation on the main characters is good. The music is reasonable but should of been a lot better for a 64 and the sound effects are a bit too basic in places.

The game was successful and popular in its day and its easy to see why, the mixture of strategy and arcade is well done.

NOTE: This game will work with the CCS 64 2.0 emulator - do not use fastloader.
lninja3.gif (11569 bytes) The third in the Last Ninja series, and unfortunately not as good as the previous versions. The introduction however to the game is quite superb, very atmospheric, with slick graphics and a superb musical piece.

Although graphically the game is impressive with great animation on the main character and super backdrops, the graphics are in some ways not as clear and distinct as in previous versions. The music is by Reyn Owenhand and although his introduction tune is superb, the other music in the game is poor by comparision with Ben Dalglish and Matt Gray's work on the previous Ninja games.

Gameplay is still strong and compelling, but just doesn't seem as good as the previous versions. A good game and well worth persevering with, but for the definitive Ninja game, check out the Last Ninja 2.
skidie.gif (7388 bytes) This game is very similar in presentation to Skate or Die, which is no bad thing because Skate or Die's presentation was superb.

The graphics like Skate or Die are simply superb, with plenty of frames for the animated characters and the backdrops are excellent.

The sound effects are more than adequate and suit the game well.

Well worth checking out if you have already played the original Skate or Die.