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There were many successful 64 software companies, but there were also some that didn't earn the recognition they deserved either due to the size of the competition or lack of money. Taskset are a classic example of this, they produced some of the best 64 games ever - but they didn't last very long. This collection includes every game ever made by Taskset (the games are listed in screenshot order). Jammin (which includes a super drumbeat sound track). Seaside Special (a controversial game at the time, that includes throwing seaweed at famous British politicians!). Super Pipeline 2 (the sequel to Super Pipeline!). Poster Paster (a classic game, where you play a bill poster having to put up posters around town). Cosmic Convoy (terrible!, this is the worst game ever produced by taskset, it was also their first). Gyropod (classic shoot-em-up, like a sideways space invaders!). Super Pipeline (their best game, fix the leaks in the pipes, and watch the water flow! - this game was based on an incident that happened at the Taskset headquarters, where a pipe started leaking and a plumber was called out to repair it - this sparked the imagination of a programmer and Super Pipeline was born!). Souls of Darkon (an illustrated text adventure, their last game and unfortunately one of their worst, a shame the company ended on such a poor title). Cad Cam Warrior (this game was hyped up by a few Commodore magazines because it was the biggest computer game ever made at the time, their are over 8000 screens!, the problem is the game screens are more or less the same and the game becomes extremely boring). Bozo's Night Out (another classic, drink as much wobble juice as possible! don't get to drunk though you might fall down a manhole! This game was nearly controversial, the programmer wanted to use Beer rather than wobble juice!!, personally beer sounds just fine to me...)
These games are all based on movie licenses and they really are the most appalling games ever produced for the 64. They include - The Fall Guy by Elite (the game has you performing various stunts on a moving train - this could of been a brilliant game, but unfortunately it gets too hard and boring!). The Dukes of Hazzard (the game isn't as bad as it could of been, the graphics are ok, its certainly the best one in the pack). Street Hawk (this could of been a great game but its just a mess - the graphics are poor, the sound is awful and the gameplay is non-existant!). Knight Rider (potentionally this could of been an awesome game, considering what its based on, but the graphics are terrible, the sound is even worse, and the gameplay is just laughable). When you consider how much Elite and Ocean paid for the licenses to produce these games, its mind boggling how they could produce such trash!. The results look, especially in the case of Street Hawk and Knight Rider that the games were programmed in about five minutes, not a year or more which is how long the games were delayed by!!
Odin didn't produce many games on the 64, they didn't last very long, but what they did produce was consistently good quality titles, infact nearly every one of their games received an award of somekind in the Zzap 64 magazine. Their games included The Arc of Yesod, The Nodes of Yesod and Robin of the Wood. The Yesod games were based in space and had the player trying to escape from various caverns, these were both platform games and sported some good graphics and reasonable sound with good gameplay. Their best title was probably Robin of the Wood, based on the Robin Hood legend, it involved moving around Sherwood forest, through maze like screens, collecting weapons and fighting off any soldiers. Great graphics, especially the superb animation of Robin - and the gameplay was great.
This collection is based on the Rupert Bear stories and includes two games. The first involves Rupert avoiding toys in the Toymakers Party, and the second is based in an Ice Palace - which is harder than the first game. Both these are platform games, they have good graphics, and the animation of Rupert Bear is superb. These games were actually programmed by some of the team who worked for the Taskset company (above) after the company went under.
ultimate.gif (7120 bytes) Ultimate were one of the top software houses for the Spectrum computer, when they announced they would be producing games for the 64, it was expected that they would release some stunning games, especially considering their track record with the Spectrum.

Their first release for the 64 was Staff of Karnath, this game didn't receive very good reviews and to this day I still think it was totally underrated, the game was one of the best they released on the 64. The graphics were good, the 3D effect that was created in some of the rooms was excellent, the sound effects were average but suited the game and the gameplay was great, it was hard but could be quite addictive.

Their best game was Entombed - this ranks as one of the best graphic/action adventure games ever released on the 64, the puzzles were excellent, the graphics were impressive the details on the walls throughout the game, the moving statues... The gameplay was again hard like most of their games but was worth perservering with.

The worst ultimate game released was Imhotep, I think it was also their last game released on the 64.

In some ways Ultimate never really lived up to their name, especially after their supreme efforts on the Spectrum but nevertheless they did produce some great 64 games and Entombed would beat any of their Spectrum titles.
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The spy v's spy games were among the best two player games ever released on the 64. Amusing and addictive they provided hours of fun, with each player attempting to sabotage each others efforts to complete their tasks. The graphics were detailed and effective and the animation of the main characters was excellent. A classic series of games that proved to be popular and successful with 64 gamers.

The Spy v's Spy Trilogy has now been re-released by Crystal Software please purchase it from Crystal Software.
brkdance.gif (4839 bytes) A collection of games based on the break dance craze in the early eighties. The pack includes Break Fever by Interceptor Micro's, a reasonable game, but let down by an awkward and frustrating control method. A break dance soundtrack specially composed for the game plays throughout and was available on side B of the original tape in standard audio format! Break Street, similar to Break Fever but the game is easier to play, the graphics though are not as good and the music is terrible. The last game in the pack is Epyx's Break Dance, the best game of the lot, but unfortunately suffered from blocky graphics and poor music. Still the gameplay is better than the others and the animation/backdrops are quite good.
pwoakes.gif (2506 bytes) A classic collection that includes one of the best vector graphic games to be released on the 64 - Mercenary and the 3D Encounter.

Similar in someways to Elite the Mercenary game was based around space. Encounter employed 3D style graphics and in some ways was quite advanced in its day.

There's no background music in any of the games, and only some sparse sound effects, but this doesn't matter as the atmosphere is generated by the involving gameplay.

The games were all highly rated in their day, and in many ways set a standard for others to follow. All the games were created by Paul Woakes, one of the best 8-bit programmers in the early 80's.
aspencer.gif (3364 bytes) There probably isn't a 64 user anywhere who has never played or seen International Soccer, it was available on tape, disk, and cartridge, it was re-released a number of times and its last appearance was in the early nineties when it was bundled with the C64GS games console.

This game set the standard for all other 8-bit football games to follow, even now its probably one of the best 8-bit football games ever made.

The graphics are chunky but effective, the players move reasonably well and the screen scrolls smoothly.

A classic that made Andrew Spencer the programmer famous in the 64 world. He also did International Basketball and International Tennis which are included in this collection. International Basketball is probably his best game and was highly rated in its day. A classic collection that every 64 user should have!
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Jeff Minter was one of the best 8-bit programmers ever, his games contained great gameplay, they were well designed and had a lot of originality. Every game, ever released by Llamasoft for the 64 is here - including the classics, Attack of the Mutant Camels!, Hover Bovver, and Grid Runner. Most of his games are really wacky and this is thanks to Jeff's imagination - there's not a single game here that isn't fun to play - a testament to how good they were in their day and also the talent of Jeff Minter. This collection is a must have for any 64 emulator, this is one of the best compilations you'll ever see.
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softaid.gif (5038 bytes) This was the first charity compilation to appear for 8-bit computers it was a great idea and they released it with the "Do they know it's Christmas Song" on the tape. It sold quite well, mainly due to the fact that a proportion of the money went to charity.

The games on the compilation were quite good and varied, they were: Gumshoe, Beam Rider, Gyropod, China Miner, Kokotini Wilf, Gilligans Gold (check out the music on the desert intro, its amazing...), Fred, Falcon Patrol, Flak and Star Trader.

Falcon Patrol is the real star of the pack, and Star Trader (picture left), is an Elite style game, which involves buying/selling merchandise and is quite involving.
dizzy.gif (7348 bytes) The famous Dizzy character by Code Masters appeared in a series of popular Dizzy games on many different computer formats. This collection contains the following games: Dizzy, Fantasy World Dizzy, Spellbound Dizzy, Panic Dizzy, Dizzy Down the Rapids, Magic World Dizzy and Treasure Island Dizzy.

Although the graphics in the games are very "spectrum" and not what you would expect on a 64, they are quite detailed and certainly are more than adequate.

All the games are quite addictive and its easy to see why they were so popular.
loderunn.gif (3406 bytes) There are some 8-bit games that in gameplay terms are pure genius, Lode Runner is an example of this, its simplicity is why its so good. Platform games always seem to have an addictive quality that is lacking in other types of games and Lode Runner shows why a platform can be so addictive.

The graphics are basic, the sound effects are weak but the gameplay is superb.

This collection pack contains: Lode Runner's Rescue, Lode Runner, Lode Runner II, Lode Runner IV, Lode Runner V, Championship Lode Runner, Professional Lode Runner and Acid Runner. There is also a text file containing information on how to access and use the Lode Runner Level Designer.

Thanks to Bionic Grasshopper for compiling this collection.
frogger.gif (3533 bytes) The hugely popular Frogger that appeared in the Arcades in the early 80's was translated to the 64 perfectly.

There were many versions of the game released on the 64 and this collection has just about all of them: Jumping Jack, Frogrun!, Frogger 64, Frogger 3 Deep,  Frogger, Road Toad, Froggy, Frog Master and Frogger 2.

The best and most authentic version of the game is Frogger 64 by Interceptor Micro's it really is superb. Frogger by Sierra-on-Line is very good as well, with some good music.
gbusters.gif (1926 bytes) This is currently the most downloaded collection ever from Commodore Zone, it appeared in the Archive months ago and has proved to be hugely popular.

Not surprising because it contains the first Ghostbusters game based on the original mega-hit movie. Although the game is a bit limited in what you can do. It really is a classic, because it copies the movie to perfection, great music, good sound effects, super speech and good playability. Its possibly the best movie licensed game ever.

The other games included are Ghostbusters 2, which is not a patch on the original, the film wasn't as good either, so its hardly surprising... and the Real Ghostbusters based on the popular cartoon.
starwars.gif (6568 bytes) A collection containing 3 games based on 3 of the most popular movies of all time - Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Unfortunately the games are not of the quality that you would expect considering what they are based on. The graphics are reasonably good and the sound is acceptable, but should of been better.

footbman.gif (5313 bytes) Football management games have always proved popular with computer gamers, even now Championship Manager by Domark continues to do well on the Amiga and PC platforms. The 64 had more than its fair share of management games and the original Football Manager by Addictive Games is still one of the best, because it shows some of the football action using graphics rather than just keeping things text based as most other management games did.

If you're after an above average football management game for the 64 than this collection is well worth checking out.
The legendary musical maestro Robb Hubbard composed many great pieces of music for the 64. This collection comprises of just about every tune he ever made, including a few which were never released. All your favourites are here, including Commando, Thing On a Spring, Monty on The Run, and Last V8. The quality of some of these tunes is outstanding, not just because they were created on an 8 bit computer in about 4k of memory! But that they were so atmospheric with the games they were made for. Take Thing On a Spring, a superb jazzy june that added so much to the game and the Last V8, where the music was almost cinematic. No doubt about it, he was the greatest computer game musician ever, even now, the composition of these tunes runs rings around todays sampled music, which you find on the PC and other machines.
One of only a few musicians which rivalled some of the Hubbard tunes was the music composed by Martin Galway. His unique and clever use of the SID chip made him famous. Although he was criticised for his tunes sounding so similar - what he acheived was remarkable. Take the stunning Ocean Loader which first appeared on the game Hyper Sports which played while the game was loading. Hyper Sports also included a superb rendition of Chariots of Fire. The game Rambo was probably his finest hour, including an amazing tune which played at the end of a game. The Green Beret loading tune was unforgettable and the tune that played when the game loaded, although at first didn't seem anything special, had a few exquisite moments, like the echo/reverb sound which played about a minute or so into the tune - simply superb. Some people say his best piece of music was the Wizball title tune, I don't agree with this, but it certainly was very impressive.