Most wanted solutions

Avalon (Hewson)

Dark Lord (Datasoft)

Druid's Moon

Fabulous Wanda, The (?)

Finders Keepers (Mastertronic) [have received a list of hints - will be added soon]

Forbidden Castle (Mindscape)

Gateway to Karos (Acornsoft)

Hero of the Golden Talisman (?)

Old Father Time (Bug-Byte)

Passenger's on the Wind 1+2 (?)

Philosopher's Quest (Acornsoft)

Price of Magik (Level 9)New addition

Questmaster (?) - 6-disk graphic adventure for the C64New addition

Questprobe 3: Torch & The Thing (Scott Adams)New addition

Red Moon (Level 9)New addition

Sorderon's Shadow (Beyond)

Sphinx Adventure (Acornsoft)

StarQuake (Bubble Bus) - hardly an adventure game, but they asked so nicely for some transporter codes... :)

Twilight Zone, The (First Row) - now added

Zakil Wood (?)