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Legend to Zeljko's maps


*** A ***

Abyssal Zone (?)

Adventureland (Scott Adams) - map

Adventure Quest (Level 9) - clue sheet

After Shock (Interceptor)New addition

African Safari (Interdisc)

Agatha's Folly part 1 and 2 (Zenobi)

Alpine Encounter (Random House) - very short solution

Amazon (Telarium)

A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom)

Amnesia (Electronic Arts / Cognetics Corporation)New addition

Apache Gold, The Legend of (Incentive)

Ark of the Covenant (?)

Arrow of Death pt. 1 (Channel 8)

Arrow of Death pt. 2 (Channel 8)

Asylum (All American Adventures) - includes maps

Atalan (Atlas)

Aztek Tomb (Alligata)

*** B ***

Ballyhoo (Infocom) - map

Balrog and the Cat (Zenobi)

Beatle Quest (Number 9)

Behind Closed Doors (Zenobi)

Behind Closed Doors 2 (Zenobi)

Behind Closed Doors 3 (Zenobi)

Beyond, The (PK Software) - Dutch

Beyond Zork (Infocom)

Big Sleaze, The (Delta 4)

Birth of the Phoenix (Phoenix) - map

Black Knight Adventure (Atlas)

Blackpool Tower (Dorothy Millard)

Blade of Blackpool (Sirius)

Blizzard Pass (Adv. Soft) - map

Boggit, The (Delta 4)

Book of the Dead (CRL)

Border Zone (Infocom)

Bored of the Rings (Delta 4)

Borrowed Time (Activision) - map

Breakers (Synapse) - map

Brimstone (Synapse) - map

Bugsy (St. Brides/CRL)

Bureaucracy (Infocom)

Burlough Castle (Richard Robinson)

*** C ***

Case of the Mixed-Up Shymer (Sandra Sharkey)

Castlemaze Adventure (Duckworth)

Castle Blackstar (SCR)

Castle of Mydor (Mountain Valley)

Castle of Terror (Melbourne House) - Grahame Willis has the final say. Read here

Castle of the Skull Lord (Samurai)

Catacombs (Anirog)

Causes of Chaos, The (CRL)

Cave Capers (Philip Robson)

Cavern of Riches (PD)

Chambers of Xenobia (Avant-Garde Creations)

C.I.A. Adventure (PD)

Circus (Channel 8)

City For Ransom (?)

Cloud 99 (Marlin Games)

Colditz Castle (Phipps Associates)

Colossal Adventure (Level 9) - clue sheet

Colour of Magic (Delta 4) - map

Conch (?)

Corruption (Magnetic Scrolls)

Count, The (Scott Adams) - map

Coveted Mirror, The (Penguin) - map

Cracks of Fire (Supersoft)

Cranston Manor (Sierra) - map

Creature Venture (Highland Computer Services) - map

Cricket Crazy (Alternative)

Crimson Crown, The (Polarware)

Crypt of Medea (Sir-Tech) - map

Crystal Island Dizzy - Dizzy 7 (Codemasters)New addition

Crystals of Carus (Interceptor) - now complete!

Cursed be the City (?)

Curse of Crowley Manor (Adv. International) - map

Curse of the Seven Faces (Imperial) - now completeNew addition

Custerd's Quest (Alpha-Omega)

Cutthroats (Infocom)

*** D ***

Dallas Quest (Datasoft)

Dance of the Vampires (Interactive Technologies)

Darkest Road, The (?)

Dark Planet (Mountain Valley)

Darth Vader (PD)

Dead End (Interactive Technologies)

Deadline (Infocom) - map

Death in the Caribbean (Micro Lab) - map

Demon From the Darkside (Compass)

Demon From the Darkside 2 (Compass)

Demon From the Darkside 3 (Compass)

Demon From the Darkside 4 (Compass)

Dizzy (Codemasters)New addition

Dizzy, Prince of the Yolk Folk - Dizzy 6 (Codemasters)New addition

Dodgy Geezers (Melbourne House)

Dracula (CRL)

Dragonworld (Telarium)

Dream Zone (Baudville) - map

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Essential Myth)

Dungeon Adventure (Level 9) - clue sheet

Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n' Everything (Atlantis)

*** E ***

East of Eastwood (?)

Elvira II - Jaws of Cerberus (Accolade)New addition

Emerald Isle (Level 9) - clue sheet

Empire of Karn (Interceptor)

Enchanted Castle (?)

Enchanter (Infocom) - map

Erik the Viking, The Saga of (Level 9)

Escape From Devil's Island (?) - map

Escape From Khoshima (?)

Escape From Pulsar 7 (Channel 8)

Escape From Rungistan (Sirius) - map

Escape From Traam (Adv. International) - map

Espionage Island (a.k.a. Adventure D)(Artic) - map

Essex (Synapse) - map

E.T. Comes Back (?)

Eureka! (DoMark)

Excalibur (Alternative) - map

Eye of Bain, The (~Adventure F)(Artic) - map

Eye of the Inca (?)

*** F ***

Fairly Difficult Mission (Zodiac)

Famous 5 (Enigma Variations) - map

Fantasia Diamond (Hewson)

Fantasy World Dizzy - Dizzy 3 (Codemasters)New addition

Farmer's Daughter (PD)

Feasability Experiment (Channel 8)

Federation (~Quann Tulla) (CRL)

Firestone (Simon Avery)

Fish! (Magnetic Scrolls) - map

Flunky (Piranha)

Fool's Gold (Duckworth)

Football Frenzy (Alternative) - map

Forest at the World's End (Interceptor Micros)

For Your Thighs Only (Zodiac)

Fourth Protocol, The (Hutchinson Computer Publishing)

Fraktured Faebles (Phoenix) - map

Frankenstein (CRL)

Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (Kingsoft)

Frogg Adventure (Automata) - map

From out of a Dark Night Sky (Zenobi)

*** G ***

Gateway to Karos (Acornsoft) - incomplete map only, in Word 6.0 format

Gelfling Adventure (Sierra)

Ghost Town (Scott Adams) - map

Going Critical (Laurence Creighton)

Golden Apple (Artic)

Gnome Ranger (Level 9) - clue sheet

Golden Baton (Channel 8) - map

Gold or Glory (?)

Grange Hill (Argus Press)

Graverobbers (PD)

Gremlins (Adv. International) - map

Groot Avontuur (PD) - Dutch

Gruds in Space (Sirius) - map

Grue-Knapped (Bob Adams)

Guardian, The (John Betteridge)

*** H ***

Hammer of Grimmold, The (Zenobi)

Hampstead (Melbourne House)

Harvesting Moon, A (8th Day)

Haunted House (?)

Helm, The (Firebird)

Heroes of Karn (Interceptor)

Himalayan Odyssey (Mountain Valley)

HitchHiker-64 (Supersoft)

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocom)

Hobbit, The (Melbourne House)

Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom) - map

House of the Seven Gables (Mad Hatter)

Hulk, The Incredible (Scott Adams)

Hunchback - The Adventure (Ocean)

*** I ***

Ice Station Zero (8th Day) - map

Imagination (Firebird)

Inca Curse (a.k.a. Adventure B)(Artic) - map

Incredible Shrinking Man (?)

Infidel (Infocom) - map

Ingrid's Back! (Level 9)

Institute, The (Med Systems)

Intruder Alert (Compass)

Intruder Alert 2 (Compass)

*** J ***

Jack the Ripper (CRL)

Jade Necklace, The (River)

Jade Stone (Zenobi)

Jason and the Argonauts (?)

Jewels of Babylon (Interceptor)

Jinxter (Magnetic Scrolls) - map

Journey to the Center of Earth (Mad Hatter)

*** K ***

Kabul Spy (Sirius) - map

Kayleth (Adventure Soft) - map

Kentilla (Mastertronic) - map

Key to Paradox (?)

King Solomon's Mines (Mountain Valley)

King Solomon's Mines (Softgold)

King Tut's Tomb (PD)

Knight Orc (Level 9) - clue sheet

Knight's Quest, The (Phipps Associates)

Kobyashi Naru (Mastertronic)

Kukulcan (?)

*** L ***

Lancelot (Level 9)

Last Warrior, The (?)New addition

Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)

Legacy For Alaric, A (Zenobi)

Legacy For Alaric part 2, A (Zenobi)

Lifeboat (Jack Lockerby)

Lifeterm (C.A. Sharp)

Loads of Midnight (CRL)

Lord of the Rings (Melbourne House)

Lords of Time (Level 9) - clue sheet

Lost_Dutchman's Gold (Programmer's Guild)

Lurking Horror, The (Infocom) - map

*** M ***

MacBeth (Oxford Digital Solutions)

Mafia Contract (Atlantis) - map

Mafia Contract 2 (Atlantis) - map

Magicland Dizzy - Dizzy 4 (Codemasters)New addition

Magic Mountain (Phipps Associates)

Man-Eng (?)

Mask of the Sun (Ultrasoft) - map

Masters of the Universe (a.ka. Terraquake)(Adventure Soft UK)

Matt Lucas (Players) - map

Megabucks (?)

Megacorp (Aventuras Dinamic) - Spanish

Merry Christmas (Melbourne House)

Message From Andromeda (?)

Mindshadow (Interplay)

Mindwheel (Synapse)

Miser (PD)

Mission Asteroid (Sierra) - map

Mist, The (Angelsoft)

Moon Base Alpha (PD)

Moonmist (Infocom)

Mordon's Quest (Melbourne House)

Mountains of Ket - Ket I (Incentive)

Mummy's Curse (Highland Computer Services) - map

Murder on the Waterfront (Gameworx)

Mystery House (Sierra)

Mystery Island (Mountain Valley)

Mystery of Munroe Manor, The (a.k.a. Case of the Mad Mummy) (Softgold)

Myth (Magnetic Scrolls)

*** N ***

Necris Dome (Code Masters)

Neverending Story (Ocean)

Niijmegen Avontuur (PD) - Dutch

Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less (DoMark)

*** O ***

Oasis of Shalimar (Mountain Valley)

One That Got Away, The (Leon Lin)New addition

Oo-topos (Polarware)

Open Door, The (Tartan)

*** P ***

Palace in Thunderland (Micro Lab) - map

Pawn, The (Magnetic Scrolls) - map

Perry Mason and the Case of the Mandarin Murder (Telarium)

Perseus and Andromeda (Channel 8) - map

Peter Pan (Hodder & Stoughton)

Pharaoh's Tomb (Phipps Associates)

Pilgrim, The (CRL)

Pirate Adventure (Scott Adams) - map

Planetfall (Infocom) - map

Planet of Death (a.k.a. Adventure A)(Artic) - map

Play It Again, Sam (Mastertronic)

Plundered Hearts (Infocom) - map

Prisoner No. 6 (?)

Project-X: Micro Man 2 (Compass)

Project-X: Micro Man 3 (Compass)

*** Q ***

Quest, The (Penguin)

Quest For the Golden Eggcup (Harvey Lodder - original version) - map

Quest For the Golden Eggcup (Smart Egg) - map

Quest For the Holy Grail (Dream Software/Mastertronic) - map

Quest For the Holy Joystick (Delta 4)

Quest of Merravid (Martech)

Quest of Kron (Trom)New addition

Quest of the Golden Orange Peel (Dual Dimension)New addition

*** R ***

Race For Midnight (Avant-Garde Creations)

Rambo - First Blood part II (Angelsoft) - map

Realm, The (?)

Red Moon (Level 9) - clue sheet

Rendezvous With Rama (Telarium) - finally!

Retarded Creatures and Caverns (Zenobi)

Return to Eden (Level 9) - clue sheet

Revenge of the Toothless Vampire (Dorothy Millard)

Rigel's Revenge (M.A.D.)

Ring of Power (Quicksilva)

Robin of Sherlock (Delta 4)

Robin of Sherwood (Adv. International)

Robots of Dawn (Epyx)

Rhyme Cryme (Karen Tyers)

*** S ***

Sands of Egypt (Datasoft) - map

Saturn 3 (PK Software) - Dutch

Savage Island part 1 (Scott Adams) - map

Savage Island part 2 (Scott Adams) - map

Scapeghost (Level 9)

Sceptre of Baghdad (?)

Sceptre Quest, The (?)

Scroll of Akbar Khan (Mountain Valley)

Seabase Delta (Firebird)

Seastalker (Infocom)

Secret Agent (Jor-And)

Secret Mission (a.k.a. Mission Impossible) (Scott Adams)- map

Secret of Bastow Manor, The (Gameworx)

Secret of Kublaih (PD)

Secret of Little Hodcome, The (Zenobi)

Secret of St. Brides (CRL)

Se-kaa of Assiah (Mastertronic)

Serf's Tale, The (Players Premier)

Serpent's Star (Ultrasoft) - map

Sex Vixens From Space (Free)

Shadows of Mordor (Melbourne House)

Sherlock Holmes: Another Bow (Bantam Imagic)

Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)

Sherwood Forest (Phoenix)

Ship of Doom(a.k.a. Adventure C) (Artic) - map

Ship of Doom (Incentive) - this is a new version by Sean Ellis! - map

Shrewsbury Key (Players Premier)

Sinbad and the Golden Ship (Mastertronic)

Skull Island (Gameworx)

S.M.A.S.H.E.D. (Alternative)

Smuggler's Inn (Mountain Valley)

Snowball (Level 9) - clue sheet

Sorcerer (Infocom)

Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (Scott Adams)

Souls of Darkon (Taskset)

Spellbound (Mastertronic)

Spellbound Dizzy - Dizzy 5 (Codemasters)New addition

Spiderman (Scott Adams)

Spider Mountain (Programmer's Guild)

Sponge (Firebird) - map

Spy Trek (?)

Starcross (Infocom) - map

Star Trek: The Kobayashi Alternative (Simon and Schuster)

Star Trek: The Promethean Prophecy (Simon and Schuster) - mapmap

Stationfall (Infocom) - map

Steen der Wijzen (Radersoft) - Dutch

Stoneville Manor (PD)

Stranded (English)

Strange Odyssey (Scott Adams) - map

Sub Sunk (Firebird) - map

Super Gran Adventure (Adv. International)

Suspect (Infocom)

Suspended (Infocom) - map

*** T ***

Tass Times in Tonetown (Interplay) - map

Temple of Terror (Atlantis) - *not* the Adventure Soft one

Temple of Vran - Ket II (Incentive)

Ten Little Indians (Channel 8)

Terrormolinos (Melbourne House)

Thermonuclear Wargames (Softgold)

Thief in the Night, A (Westy Productions)

Three Musketeers, The (Computer Novels)

Through the Woods (?)

Time Machine, The (Channel 8) - map

Timewise - map

Timezone (Sierra) - map

Tracer Sanction, The (Activision)

Transylvania (Penguin) - map

Treasure Island Dizzy - Dizzy 2 (Codemasters)New addition

Trial of Arnold Blackwood, The (?)New addition

Trinity (Infocom)

Tunnelmaze (PD)

'Twas a Time of Dread - The Darkest Road 2 (Zenobi)

Twilight Zone (First Row)New addition

Twin Kingdom Valley (Bug-Byte) - finally, a complete version

*** U ***

Ulysses and the Golden Fleece (Sierra) - map

Unborn One, The - The Darkest Road 3 (Zenobi)

Underground Adventure (Duckworth)

Underworld of Kyn (Andrew Farrell)

Upper Gumtree (Richard Shepherd)

Urban Upstart (Richard Shepherd) - map

*** V ***

Valkyrie 17 (Ram Jam Corp.)

Valleymaze (PD)

Very Big Cave Adventure, The (CRL)

Viking Quest (?)

Volcano of Raka Tua (Mountain Valley)

Voodoo Castle (Scott Adams) - map

*** W ***

Warlord (Interceptor Micros) - map

Waxworks (Channel 8)

Wega Station (PD)

Will o' the Wisp (PD)

Winter Wonderland (Incentive) - map

Wise and Fool of Arnold Blackwood, The (?)New addition

Wishbringer (Infocom)

Witch's Cauldron (MikroGen)

Witness, The (Infocom) - map

Wizard of Akyrz (Channel 8)

Wizard of Oz (Windham Classics) New addition - Now complete

Wiz-Biz (?)New addition

Wolfman (CRL)

Worm in Paradise, The (Level 9)

*** X ***


*** Y ***

Yukon (?)New addition

Yuppie New addition

*** Z ***

Zacharon Mystery, The (Players Premier)

Zim Sala Bim (Melbourne House)

Zodiac (?)

Zork I: The Great Underground Empire (Infocom) - map

Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz (Infocom) - map

Zork III: The Dungeon Master (Infocom) - map

Zut Alores 1 (Xryxoft)New addition

Zzzzz (Mastertronic)