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What's the purpose of this site?

To be the best resource for solutions for classic (8-bit) adventure games and interactive fiction - this means Spectrum, Commodore 64 and Apple II in particular, but also BBC, TRS-80, Amstrad, Dragon etc. Recently, I've started adding other things as well, such as reviews, maps and interviews, and hopefully the site will at length grow into more than just a collection of walkthroughs.

Where can I find the game...?

Please check the links. If you can't find your game there, I can't help as these sites carry all the games I've found on the net.

Do you help with PC-games as well

No! I don't mind PC-games, but there are already so many other sites out there covering them. Please, don't ask me about PC-games. Instead, try the PC links.

Why bother with that old [insert suitable swearword]?

Well, emulators and emulated adventure games are abundant. But having those classic adventures lying around is one thing. Wouldn't it be interesting, too, if you were actually able to complete some of them? What's more, even though many of the "classic" games are - by today's standards - quite abysmal - many also have a charm not found in the much more sophisticated TADS and Inform games that are released now.

There are many sites like this - why another one?

Yes, there are a lot, but with this site I'm trying to unite all the efforts that has been made around the net. Additionally, this site has a lot of partial solutions - even though a solution isn't complete, it might cover enough of a game to get you past that annoying spot where you've been stuck for 10 years!

What games are you covering?

Pretty much any kind of (text) adventure for the 8-bit machines. The reason for only covering 8-bit machines is that, apart from TADS, Inform and the likes, there aren't really that many text adventures for the 16-bit machines, and I feel that the aforementioned systems are covered enough elsewhere (try the amazing IF-archive). I'm not trying to do solutions for Sierra-type adventures either. The net is overflowing with those as it is.

How can I help?

I'm interested in *everything* - maps, hints, (in)complete solutions - and yes, I'd also like material on old BASIC adventures with character graphics. Check the Requested solutions on the Help page.

I would like to have more information

Anything that I come across I mail to Hans Persson's Adventureland page. It's quite simply the best information site you can hope to find. Don't hesitate to mail Hans anything interesting that you come across.

I would like to use your material on my own site - is that all right?

In all fairness, a lot of material isn't really mine - people have just submitted it to me. Usually, however, I don't think they have a problem with other people using it - AS LONG AS THEY GET CREDIT FOR IT!!

Under normal circumstances I don't have a problem with people using my own material. What I *do* have a problem with is the fact that often people just take without asking. It's not a nice thing to do. No one likes having their work "stolen". I've spent a lot of time writing down solutions, contacting people and setting this site up. And I didn't do it just so anyone could go ahead and use the material however they liked to.

So please remember: I'm a nice, fair guy - but be polite. Ask first! :o)

Who are you?

I'm a 26 year old Danish History student who's (desperately) trying to finish his education :-) I'm also a great fan of classic text adventures and has been so back since 1985. I used to write for an adventure fanzine which has since folded. However, ever since I got on the net I've found loads and loads of interesting material on this hobby of mine. Feel free to write if you want.


This site was created and is maintained by me, Jacob Gunness.

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