What's New

16th August 1999
  • Added the solutions for Dark Planet and both versions of King Solomon's Mines.
6th July 1999
  • Added the solution for Volcano of Raka Tua.
May 1999
Dark Fiber discontinued this site a while ago, and as I have a soft spot for Mountain Valley Software, I decided to put his pages on my site - so please enjoy!
I've only added a few comments of my own, otherwise everything is the way it used to be...

- Jacob Gunness

24th February 1998
  • Added info and pages for Alien, Skull Island, Case of the Mad Mummy and Oasis of Shalimar.
  • Made all the pages Multilingual UTF-8 format.
30th January 1998
  • Received a copy of Volcano of Raka-Tua, King Solomons Mine (Softgold) and Scroll of Akbar Khan.
29th January 1998
  • Found a copy of Smugglers Inn buried deep in a C64 disk image!
20th January 1998
  • First incarnation of the Tradition C64 IF page is done. Still needs to be tweaked nicely and expanded on.