What to do with the pen:   Put pen in slot.
What to do with bead:   Put it in bottle.
How to avoid recognition:   Shave.
What to do with bottle:   Put in pillow and throw out of window.
What to do with dolls:   Behead french doll and look inside.
The safe:


  It hasn't been painted on the wall, but maybe there is paint in front of it!
What to do with lumberjack:   Bandage hand with cotton.
What to do with petticoat:   Rip it.
The hermit:   Give him brooch.
To enter castle:   Blow horn.
What to do in bear's cave:   Light incense.
To dispose of vulture:   Drop meat.
JEWELS OF BABYLON (Interceptor)New addition
  • To deal with the native: Give him the watch.
  • To deal with the Lion: Give it the fish.
  • To deal with the octopus: Kill it with the spear.
  • To move the boulder: Use the crowbar.
  • To open the rock door: Use the rod.
  • To deal with crab: Shout in canyon.
  • Unlock and open the door with the key. It's at the dead end, S and W of the pit.
  • Be shadowed to canyon by crab, then shout! Then check north of rockpool!
What to do with the bull:   Wave tablecloth then throw tablecloth.
The magpie:   Listen to it.
To open sliding doors by boat house:   Oil the runners.
To fix hole in canoe:   Put bung in sock then put in hole.
At the mound of dirt:   Climb it then open can of worms.
The plastic dragon:   Play with it but no other use.