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The Classic Adventure Solutions Archive - now mirrored on Commodore Zone!
An all-time classic, the Hobbit was one of the best graphic adventures ever produced by Melbourne House. The parser is of a high quality, and the music that played throughout the game was excellent. This is the disk version of the game which included superior graphics over the original tape version.

The game's classic status was marred by many bugs, but fortunately the bugs are not serious enough to spoil the game. It was based on the original book by J.R. Tolkien so the storyline and characters are superb.

Well what can I say about this one? The best disk adventure ever? Maybe not, but its not far off, its certainly the best adventure ever produced by interplay.

A strong and compelling storyline, some excellent graphics, and a very good parser, make this a thoroughly enjoyable adventure. The characters throughout the game are a delight. It really does shine as a disk adventure classic.

With the exception of the Hobbit this is arguably one of the best graphic adventures produced by Melbourne House for the 64.

It has the most atmospheric musical score of any 64 adventure game ever made, truly brilliant.

The storyline is based on dracula so is superb - can you kill the count and save the maiden!

The only thing that lets this game down is the parser, its quite poor and considering this is from the company that did the parser for the Hobbit, it should of been much better.

Nevertheless, this is a classic 64 adventure that should be experienced by every 64 adventurer!

NOTE: This is the only fully working version of Castle of Terror available on the internet. The other versions do not allow you to move to the second stage of the game (the castle) they crash!. Thanks to Martin for his time and effort in fixing this game to work with the emulators.
The Brian Howarth Collection - a series of adventures created by one of the 64's adventure supremo's.

The parser is the usual verb noun design and therefore rather simplistic, but still some of these adventures are real gems.

Some of the adventures in the collection are Circus, Ten Little Indians, Time Machine, Escape from Pulsar 7 and The Feasibility Experiment.

Circus in particular is one of the better titles, its good fun and has a reasonable storyline.

This game was originally a text adventure, but was re-released with graphics, and what a difference it makes!

The game utilises the 64' s graphics well for an adventure, you move around scrolling corridors to check out new rooms in the asylum. No need to type a direction just use the cursor keys to move around.

Impressive and compelling this adventure isn't easy. In this Asylum sometimes the cure is worse than the illness...

Possibly one of the better tape adventures produced by Scott Adams, but really its left in the shade by other 64 adventures.

The parser is one of the worst I've ever seen, its extremely difficult to play in places, and that's another thing places, where are they! There are very few locations and some locations are actually re-played!

Very disappointing, the best bit is at the beginning when you type bite lip...

Another game by Brian Howarth with help from Michael Woodroffe (who later went on to create the Simon the Sorceror adventure games for the Amiga and PC).

A good adventure which received favourable reviews when released. Based on the Robin Hood legend, the storyline is of course excellent.

The game features the usual Howarth parser so nothing special here, but this is one of his best adventures, although Gremlins is arguably the best, see below.

This is a classic illustrated text adventure, one of the best made by Level 9, it was released in 1985.

The parser is quite good, and the text is descriptive enough, certainly better than some other adventures around at that time.

A good, solid storyline provides an interesting and absorbing adventure.

It turned out to be the toughest case of your detective career! You've been tracking a notorious hit man for weeks and trail him to a seedy hotel room...

That's the basic storyline of this adventure. It makes for an intriguing and above average adventure.

The parser is the usual and simplistic verb noun, but as in most cases is perfectly adequate.

Remember: Your reputation is widespread and the "bad guys" can recognise you...

This game was released in 1983, programmed by A.K. Stanton and is an absolute gem.

Its written entirely in basic and utilises the 64 character graphics superbly. The parser is very limited but it does the job and well.

You play Inspector Pincher of the yard and your objective is to find the murderer before he or she kills again!

An excellent "grandfather clock chimes" sound, for each 15 minutes that passes, helps create the atmosphere. Great fun!

Brian Howarth does it again, another cracking adventure game, probably his best ever.

Based on the hit film Gremlins, it follows the film script as much as it can, and yes you can microwave the gremlin...

The game utilises some simple animation in places, like the Gremlin in the bedroom at the start of the game.

Not the easiest of adventures to play due to the weak parser (as with all Howarth adventures), but its great fun and as its based on the film, you already know the answers to the puzzles...

The first and last text adventure created by Talent software. The company didn't last long so their product range was very small, but they did manage to churn out this adventure.

The introduction picture is excellent, but unfortunately there are no other in game graphics, it is a text only adventure. Which is very disappointing considering that the main screen is so good and also that the company specialised in a superb graphics package called Panorama... strange they didn't make use of their talent (pun intended) in this game!

Its hard, but its a reasonable text adventure the wild west storyline obviously makes it interesting to play, the occasional shoot out etc. The sad thing about this game, is it could of been amazing if it was developed properly - a huge, missed opportunity! No wonder the company went under so soon!


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What an interesting history this software company has - Its games were released by different companies - Severn software in England, Gameworx in the USA and some of the titles were also directly released by Softgold. All the games were programmed by a guy called Darryl Reynolds and utilize the Commodore 64's character graphics.

The games in this collection are the Mystery of Munroe Manor, The Secret of Bastow Manor, Murder on the Waterfront, Nuclear Wargames and The Search for King Solomons Mines.

The Mystery of Munroe Manor, is one of the best 64 tape adventures ever made, it was a ground breaking adventure in many ways, it utilized the 64's sprite graphics to good effect (the ghosts in the graveyard), sound effects and music at relevant points in the game, a strong storyline and some very atmospheric moments (the mummy's footsteps), a superb introduction (the shadowy figure at the window). A classic.

The Search for King Solomons Mines - a dying adventurer tells a story of a jungle with 7 foot tall natives and treasure fit for a King. You take it upon yourself to find out the truth! You start your quest at Trader Jims Outpost on the Zambezi River - June 1903. Your survival in the jungle depends on taking the right equipment, fortunately Trader Jim has everything you need, but do you know what you need...

The other adventures in the pack are good, but don't have the same quality of sound, graphics and atmosphere as Munroe Manor and King Solomons Mines. Nuclear War games comes close in the initial atmosphere department with its clever introduction., but really they are all left in the shade by Munroe Manor - which is by far the best.

A huge tape adventure, great graphics, some animation and a good story. Unusual for a 64 adventure this game had plenty of options to configure the game to your requirements.

A classic tape adventure, re-released a few times, and appeared on other 8-bit computers.

One advantage with playing this game on an Emulator is that you can speed up the screen graphics considerably, removing any annoying delay while the screens are drawn.

Murder, mystery adventure games don't come any better than this - clever graphics, good sound and great characters make this a thoroughly enjoyable game.

There are various cases that you can try to solve and the atmosphere thats generated by the design of the game - the surveillance cameras for observing the characters in the game is great. This could of been just an average detective game, but the quality of design and overall graphics lifts it into another league. Great fun!

This game was released by Datasoft in 1987 - not many 64 users would of played this title it appears that it was very difficult to get hold of. Its a cracking adventure with animated graphics and good sound.

You start off in a secret room that you discovered below your house - a misty mirror will guide your way...

This game was only recently emailed to me, I never saw or heard of it before - thanks to whoever modified this game to run with the emulators.
thepawn.gif (6394 bytes) This adventure caused quite a stir when it was first released, it was the first game from a new company called Magnetic Scrolls and used a superb parser which some say beat Infocom's!

The game came with a well written book called "a tale of Kerovnia" and gave the game a great storyline.

The Pawn received rave reviews and in many cases it was highly overrated - the game can be quite hard and rather frustrating to play, its not a bad game, but certainly not the best.

One of the main attractions of the game is its use of graphics which in many cases beautifully depict the locations in the game.

With some well written in game text, an impressive parser and superb graphics this was a good adventure in its day, and the use of graphics really made some of the Infocom games look very dated.
tasstime.gif (4298 bytes) Developed by the Interplay team that created Mind Shadow, Tracer Sanction and Borrowed Time. It's one of their finest illustrated adventures ever. It certainly ranks as one of the best 64 adventures ever made.

A crazy but original storyline which has you're character in a place called Tone Town, trying to find his grandpa! Zany characters throughout, and for the first time ever in a Interplay adventure, music is used in some areas of the game.

The graphics are great, the use of music adds even more atmosphere to the game, and the parser is excellent. A classic.
murderm.gif (4804 bytes) Agatha Christie comes to the 64. A wonderful murder, mystery adventure, set onboard a steamship. You play a character similar to Sherlock Holmes and your whodunit skills will be tested to the limit.

The storyline is the usual simplistic find the murderer type, but works well and the characters you interrogate throughout the game are varied and amusing.

Well drawn backgrounds and appropriate screen scrolling add to the realism that the adventure creates. The main characters are reasonably animated and certainly look the part. Appropriate music also plays when you enter a characters room.

The game is entertaining and can get quite involved at times with various puzzles to solve along the way. One of the best murder, mystery games to appear on the 64.
dallas.gif (7033 bytes) Based on one of the most successful television soaps of all-time and one of the highest rated television shows ever in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately the game unlike the television show is rather poor and in many ways very loosely connects with the actual soap. Although it contains the familiar characters from the show, the storyline is weak, and at times completely loses the plot, after all this is supposed to be based on the show. Even more strange considering that at the time this was released 1984, Dallas was hugely popular, so the license to produce this game must of cost a fortune, why they made such a hash of it is a mystery - this could of been one the best adventure tie-ins with a television show ever, instead its just about average.

The parser's weak but functional, the best graphics are the introduction sequence above, the other in-game graphics are nothing special. There is a rendition of the famous Dallas theme tune, but considering the power of the SID chip it should of been a lot better!

Worth playing but very disappointing considering the show its based on.
PERRY MASON (the case of the mandarin murder) SPINNAKER
perrym.gif (13129 bytes) This game is based on the hugely successful Perry Mason Television series, starring Raymond Burr. The case of the Mandarin Murder revolves around a divorce case with your client Laura Kapp. She is found in the same room as the corpse of her husband! with a pistol in her hand. As Perry Mason you must defend your client and get an acquittal, but as your the best defense lawyer around, you should also find the real killer and crack the case - you are the best aren't you...

The graphics though out the game are good and the music is adequate, including a reasonable rendition of the Perry Mason theme tune from the television show. The parser is superb, its geared to allow for complex sentence input, and is really impressive, it makes the game far more realistic than a lot of other adventures. There are certain investigative procedures that you should follow and Paul Drake your trusted assistant is on hand to do some errands for you.

An excellent game, underrated in its day, and its yet another classic from the Spinnaker software company.

This game will only run with the PC64 emulator, and
you must turn off the national keyboard driver and joysticks from the PC64 menu options. When the boot screen appears with the "space bar" message. You must press it within one second!
alterego.gif (4530 bytes) This is one of the best games ever made! That may be a bold statement, but this really is exceptional - even more amazing is the fact that it is entirely text based with minimal graphics. It is a life simulation game where you play either as yourself or somebody else - it really is an Alter Ego!

The quality of text is superb and the random nature of the game means that every game you play will be different. You can play the game from various stages of life, including Infancy and Adolescence. The situations you are presented with can be serious and hillarious! This is the sort of game that really shines when played with more than one person.

The game is huge and packed with text information, considering the limitations of the 64's memory/disk drive for a game of this type, it is really impressive how much depth there actually is to the game. The game moves along at a good pace and disk access is fast and does not spoil the game. It was highly rated in its day and received a gold medal award in ZZap 64.  A true classic that has never been beaten.
corrupt.gif (6479 bytes) You have just been involved in a successful deal with Scott Electronics. You are offered a new job in a company partnership called Rogers and Rogers. You play the part of Derek Rogers. You soon discover that Rogers and Rogers is not all that it seems, insider dealing is taking place and you're being framed for the corruption! Its your objective to gather evidence against your colleagues and in doing so prove your innocence.

The game was developed by Magnetic Scrolls, the same company behind The Pawn. It features the same sophisticated parser to other Magnetic Scrolls adventures (very similar to Infocom's) and so allows complex input.

The storyline is good and the in game graphics are well drawn for a 64. Although the storyline is not as strong as The Pawn, its still a better game and comparable to an average Infocom game.
sadams.gif (4999 bytes) The Scott Adams series of games were released in the early 80's. Although the games suffered from a poor parser and limited text content, they were very popular with 64 adventurers. This was mainly due to some of the games having a good storyline or mind warping puzzles!

This is the definitive Scott Adams collection, comprising of the following games: (Text versions) - Adventure Land, Pirate Adventure, Mission Impossible, Voodoo Castle, The Count, Strange Odyssey, Mystery Fun House, Pyramid of Doom, Ghost Town, Savage Island Part 1, Savage Island Part 2, The Golden Voyage. (Graphic versions) - Adventure Land, Pirate Adventure, Secret Mission, Voodoo Castle, The Sorceror of Claymorgue Castle.

NOTE: The graphic versions will only work with the PC 64 Emulator.
silicond.gif (3881 bytes) A small compilation of adventures by Level 9, comprising of Snowball, Return to Eden and Worm in Paradise.

All the games are above average adventures, with the usual Level 9 parser. The adventures play quite well, with Return to Eden probably the better of the three.

The storylines of the three games are good and the text descriptions are interesting enough.

The graphics are average, nothing special but like in most adventure games they do help to create the games atmosphere.
jewelsd.gif (4325 bytes) A small compilation of adventures by Level 9, comprising of Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest and Dungeon Adventure.

All the games are above average adventures, with the usual Level 9 parser. The adventures play quite well, with Colossal Adventure probably the better of the three.

The storylines of the three games are good and the text descriptions are interesting enough.

The graphics are average, nothing special but like in most adventure games they do help to create the games atmosphere.
dmillard.gif (2024 bytes) A collection of adventures by Dorothy Millard developed using the Quill adventure creator. A popular adventure creation program for the Commodore 64, which was used to make many classic 64 text adventures in the 80's, including Dennis Through the Looking Glass!.

There are19 text adventures in this collection: Adventure in Time & Space, Blackpool Tower, Convention Blues, The Dare, Great Aussie Adventure, Harboro, Land of the Giants, Land of the Purple Sea, Lost in the Amazon, Million Dollar Great Jewel Heist, Misty Island, R.J's Ultimatium, Revenge of the Vampire, Shadows of the Night, St. Jives, Survival, Trouble at Bridgeton, Westbury Mystery and the Yellow Peril.

If you are a fan of text adventures or Quill based adventures, then this collection is well worth checking out.
The Classic Adventure Solutions Archive - now mirrored on Commodore Zone!
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The Complete Infocom Collection now ONLINE
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